Hi I'm Asheya

My name is Asheya Dixon and I'm the owner of BRWN. I'm a military spouse and prior Army veteran. I have been a military brat my whole life as I was born into it. Both my mother and my father are prior service. So YES I have traveled the world and I love it! I have two amazing kids Ben and Alivia. Everything that I do is for them 💖 I am married to an amazing man, Terrance Dixon for about 4 years now and our backgrounds are strangely enough the same. He is an active duty Airman in the Airforce and we currently have about 5 or 6 years left before retirement. I created this brand for all the women who are like me, that look like me and even those women that are single mothers that wish they could just get ahead and do something spectacular for their kids and family. BRWN is the brand changing generational curses and lack of financial stability. BRWN is also the brand for women of color that have sensitive skin and can't find products for them. We hope you enjoy our brand as much as we do. Love Ash XOXO

Blush Bathhouse

Finding skincare that is 100% natural and organic can be hard. Not to mention most brands that claim to be natural and organic isn't really natural or organic. I have also seen brands that lack the appropriate testing for microbes, bacteria and mold. Yuck! You can't possibly make products in the kitchen without preserving after a few days, especially if it contains water. Water is the breeding ground for bacteria, mold etc. This store was the answer to finding local skincare made especially for you. Sadly we're moving to Las Vegas and will be moving the store to Vegas!

BRWN Launch

The launch of BRWN Beauty products was a success. BRWN has been featured in many magazines, aritcles and in the hands of multiple celebrity clientele. People understood the need for skincare with safer ingredients that could be used on their family as well as children. Today we ship products worldwide and donate a portion of our proceeds to helping disadvantaged families and women worldwide. Our success in this brand depends on the people that we seek to help. As long as our mission, values and ethics continue to match the need of our market we will be here for the longevity. We look forward to serving you for eternities to come!